Welcome to Savory Gives Back!

Savory Foods Fundraising has been a leader in the fundraising industry for over 30 years through our Fundraising Direct program. We still offer a group brochure sale, but we understand that the needs of some groups have changed.  This is where Savory Gives Back comes into play.

Savory Gives Back is a direct to consumer storefront that features our well loved items such as caramel corn, lava cakes and chocolate pretzels- but also features new and different items such as Gift Baskets, Bundt Cakes and Gluten Free items. What does this mean for you?  You purchase your desired items; we ship them directly to you and the group of your choice benefits!

For every purchase made, 10% of the total will be donated back to the group you are supporting.  This is a great way to support your chosen group year round by purchasing delicious treats and gourmet gift baskets! All you need to do is shop the organizations storefront, and we handle everything else.

Don’t have a specific group you would like to support?  Check  out and shop our demo and your proceeds will be donated to our featured charity.

100% Hands Free

Start to finish, Savory Gives Back is completely Hands Free! Simply add your contacts to our email list, and we do all the work for you!
All orders are shipped directly to the purchaser and Savory sends you a donation check

Direct Shipping to Customer

Savory Gives Back ships directly to the customer.
No need for a large bulk delivery
Easy and convenient for everyone

Year Round Donation Program

Make money no matter what time of the year it is!
Savory Gives Back offers products for
gifting and personal enjoyment.
Seasonal Specials offered too!

Groups of All Sizes!

Need a fundraiser for an individual?
Or for a large group?
Savory Gives Back fits groups of all shapes and sizes!
Makes for the perfect “alternative fundraiser”!

Ship Anywhere

Savory Gives Back ships all over the United States!
No matter where your group is from,
your customers can purchase and still support you!

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