Our 24 Karat Cake, spread with a thick layer of cream cheese frosting, is a welcome treat for any gathering! Cut this carrot cake for dessert or breakfast! A savory combination of the finest ingredients makes any time the right time to eat this delightful treat!

Deliciously moist layers of carrot cake, mildly spiced and flecked with sweet premium carrots, topped with a generous coating of our sweet cream cheese frosting, makes for an old-fashioned favorite. Sandwiched between the two moist layers of spiced cake is our delicious cream cheese frosting, making each bite of this gourmet cake a heavenly balanced taste between cake and frosting. Plump golden raisins, Georgia pecans, sweet premium carrots and cream cheese frosting combine with a secret blend of spices for a unique treat!

This tastes homemade because it is homemade, in a way the others do not. Every bite has a warm, familiar taste. Premium ingredients combine to make a taste that is irresistible and superior to others. Simple and satisfying! This is the classic carrot cake that you will love! Ship this carrot cake to share the love!

To protect the flavor and freshness, this item has special packaging requirements and MUST SHIP 2nd Day AIR. This is shipped in a custom insulated container with a Cool Pak and protected in a custom tin. These packaging materials are included in the price.